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AC rating on laminate floors, including AC4, refers to the Abrasion Criteria rating, which indicates the durability of laminate flooring. The rating is based on a series of tests, including scratch, stain, and burn resistance, as well as the ability to withstand impact and abrasion. This rating is crucial for consumers to understand the suitable applications of different laminate flooring products based on their durability.

Here's a brief overview of the AC ratings:

  • AC1: Suitable for light residential use, such as bedrooms.
  • AC2: Suitable for moderate residential use, including living rooms and dining rooms.
  • AC3: Divided into two categories: AC3 Residential and AC3 Commercial. AC3 Residential is suitable for all areas of the home, including high-traffic areas. AC3 Commercial is designed for moderate traffic commercial applications like small offices or cafes.
  • AC4: Designed for commercial applications with higher foot traffic, such as offices, boutiques, and cafes. AC4 rated laminate flooring can also be used in residential settings where extreme durability is required.
  • AC5: Intended for heavy commercial use, such as public buildings, department stores, and schools.

AC4 laminate flooring is, therefore, very durable and suitable for both commercial settings and busy households. Its high resistance to wear makes it a popular choice for spaces that see a lot of foot traffic.


In the dynamic and competitive landscape of laminate flooring, a prevalent issue has emerged concerning the transparency of product ratings. Many offerings in the market boast an AC5 rating, a designation intended for laminate floors designed to withstand heavy commercial traffic. Regrettably, it has become increasingly common for companies to eschew the disclosure of the actual AC ratings of their products. This omission, seemingly aimed at broadening their customer base, overlooks a crucial aspect of AC5-rated laminate flooring: the necessity for a balancing layer on both sides of the material to prevent warping. This requirement is particularly pertinent given the thicker composition of AC5-rated laminates.

At McMillan, our commitment to honesty and integrity in our product offerings sets us apart. We understand that misinformation does a disservice not only to our esteemed clientele but also to the integrity of our industry. Consequently, we take a different approach. Our products labeled as AC4 adhere to the rigorous standards typically associated with AC5 ratings in the market. This means that when we designate a product as AC4, it possesses the durability and quality often misattributed to AC5-rated products by others. Our pledge to transparency ensures that our customers can make informed decisions with confidence, secure in the knowledge that they are receiving a product that truly meets their needs without the ambiguity that plagues so many others in our field.