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1- The Finish

  • Non-plasticky finish: A notable distinction of the Thomas House Plus Matte Series is its 3% gloss level. Unlike other generic brands in the market with gloss levels ranging from 5% to 15%, our Matte collection offers a lower gloss level, specifically 3%. This feature ensures that the floor maintains a natural and authentic appearance, resembling real wood with its non-plasticky finish.
  • Ceramic UV Finish: The McMillan Matte Series goes beyond a standard UV finish by utilizing a Ceramic UV finish. This enhanced finish significantly strengthens the product's resistance against scratches, providing superior durability and longevity.
  • 27 mil Wear layer: Matte Series stands out with a substantial 27 mil wear layer, while most products in the market offer only 8, 12, or 20 mil top layers. A thicker wear layer means your floor can withstand more foot traffic before reaching the paper layer. With 27 mil, you can have peace of mind, as your flooring will easily handle heavy foot traffic without worry.
  • 73 Shore D Finish Hardness: One notable advantage of McMillan product is its impressive 73 Shore D finish hardness. In comparison, other similar products on the market typically range from 55 to 65 Shore D hardness. This higher hardness level directly translates to increased resistance against small, unsightly scratches. That results a superior finish that maintains its pristine appearance over time.
  • EIR: Embossed-In-Register refers to the process of creating a surface texture that closely mimics the natural grain and texture of wood.
    By using EIR, we are able to achieve a more realistic and authentic look and feel of wood. The embossed texture adds depth and dimension to the flooring, enhancing its visual appeal and providing a more tactile experience. 

2- 2200 PSI Core Hardness: One key distinction of SupremeCORE® SPC compared to generic brands is its superior hardness. While other products typically have a hardness of 900-1500 PSI (pounds per square inch), McMillan flooring boasts an impressive 2200 PSI hardness. This means that even if you accidentally drop a large food can in the kitchen, our flooring will remain resilient and show no signs of denting. In contrast, lower PSI ratings such as 900 PSI can result in noticeable indentation marks on the floor. SupremeCORE® SPC is made durable for a worry-free flooring solution.

3- Larger Plank Size: Matte series is meticulously crafted to capture the exquisite visuals of real wood characteristics. Featuring plank sizes measuring 9.5" wide by 5 or 6 feet in length, we bring the latest designs to your home, ensuring a modern and up-to-date ambiance.

4- Underlayment Softness: Underlayment is a vital aspect of your flooring experience. The Matte Series includes a softer and more cushioned underlayment with a Shore A Hardness of 55, while other products typically have a hardness of 60-65. This softer underlayment enhances comfort and provides a more forgiving feel underfoot, absorbing impact and reducing noise.