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What do you use to cut SPC flooring?!

To cut SPC (Stone Plastic Composite) flooring, you typically use a few specific tools depending on the precision and type of cut needed:

1. Utility Knife: For straight cuts, a sharp utility knife can be used. You score the surface of the SPC flooring and then snap it along the scored line. This method is simple and effective for basic installations.

2. Jigsaw: When you need to cut more intricate shapes or curves, a jigsaw is ideal. It allows for more complex cuts and is useful around corners or obstacles.

3. Laminate Flooring Cutter: This is a manual cutting tool designed specifically for laminate and SPC flooring. It's great for making straight, clean cuts with minimal effort.

4. Table Saw or Circular Saw: For large projects or very precise cuts, power saws like a table saw or a circular saw with a fine-tooth blade can be used. They're efficient for cutting multiple pieces quickly.

5. **Miter Saw**: For angled cuts, especially for fitting flooring around corners, a miter saw is very useful.

It's important to use the right blade for SPC flooring to ensure clean cuts and to reduce wear on your tools. Always follow safety guidelines when using cutting tools.
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